Why Us?

Because we are just a "little bit better" at several things important to our customers. We are a small locally owned company- not a chain owned by 'Wall Street'. Personal service is not a thing of the past with us. We care about our customers.

In the Muscatine phone book, we are the first listing under "Printers". Many times when someone is shopping for printing we are called first. We take the time to listen and help our prospective customers understand their needs and help them to ask the right questions. In other words, we are teachers. If they happen to call someone else they then have the knowledge to ask better questions reguarding their needs.

Having worked for similar companies in Phoenix, AZ and Burlington, VT, we found some people do things in different ways. The varied experiences gained from different individuals gives us the knowledge to choose the best process to produce the best product at a reasonable cost to our customers.
We always enjoy a new challenge- maybe you should give us a call.

We hope that you will.